Design and production of embedded electronics, software, tracking-, telemetry- and remote-control applications

Novatron AS can supply standard wireless remote controls for the ISM bands.

  • Handheld panel for 433MHz ISM band with a range up to 1000m line of sight with integrated antenna and even longer range with extrenal whip antenna.
  • Handheld panel for 866MHz ISM band with a range of well above 1 km with integrated antenna.
  • Handheld panel for 169MHz ISM band with a range of several km with integratde antenna or up to tens of km with external whip antenna.
  • Receiver with selectable interface as parallell, relay, ethernet or sereial RS485.
  • Encrypted communication and frequency hopping available as standard.
  • More receivers may be connected by ethernet to give redundancy and larger coverage, especially suitable for use in areas with heavy radio shadows.
  • When there are demands for channel access, speed and range that surpass what is obtainable in the ISM-bands, we may also offer communication in licensed frequency bands.

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Novatron AS is located in Tistedal outside Halden, Norway, and have more than 20 years experience in designing and manufacturing electronics for different kind of use. Products includes everything from customized function keyboards and operator panels for offshore oil-rigs, ships and land based industry, remote control systems for demining machines, telemetry- and control-solutions for UAV's and GPRS based systems for collecting and distributing intermediate timing in orienteering sports.

Do you need electronics to control a machine you manufacture or du you need to sit in your office and remotely monitor values on some equipment your company have delivered. Regardless of your specific demand - as long as there is electronics and software involved - we can be your supplier. We can build systems from standard off the shelf modules or design electronics and software from from scratch - customized according to your specific demands - and of course, with the environmental protection you need.

Regardless of size and complexity - take contact and let us together see how your specific demand can be solved.