Design and production of embedded electronics, software, telemetry- and remote-control applications

GPRS transfer system for intermediate timing

Functional overview of the NovOtime system

The NovOtime modules, as shown in the bottom right, are weatherproof modules that can be deployed at the site of a control, connected either by online-control cable or by NovOsense pickup antenna mounted below the control-unit.

The module connect automatically to the GPRS system and transfer data to the NovOtime web server. The NovOtime modules use 2 SIM cards and can connect to alternative networks as backup against network failure. The dual network capability also increases the chance of finding and connecting to a network with satisfactory signal quality.

The web server exchange control and status information with each module and acts as a exchange to connect the different modules to their user. An unlimited number of parallell users can be served by the server. depending on requirements, the web server may bed duplicated by a backupserver located at a different physical location to reduce the risk of system failure. With a duplicated server, the NovOtime system can handle server failure as well as network failure without problems.

Punching data is downloaded to the PC at the competion centre by a NovOtime application that transfer data directly into the customer application. In the case of eTiming, this means direct input into the database. Other systems can receive data through an XML based interface.

An other application delivered by a third party extract the data from the database and upload it to the online result-server where it is made available for download as formatted time tables viewable by any PC or mobile browser.