Design and production of embedded electronics, software, tracking-, telemetry- and remote-control applications

Wireless remote control systems

Novatron has long experience in construction of wireless remots control systems for many purposes, from remote control of 7ton demining vehicles to remote control of shipbased searchlights.

Handheld remote control panel with arnage o 400m for license free use 433MHz ISM-band.

The functionality needed for a remote control system may differ a lot, from single button controls with a range of 100m to larger remote control panels in plastic or aluminium and with a range of several tens of kilometers.

Some systems are simple one way systems for activating a function on distance, while others may have a continuous two way communication with specialized control commands and menu based systems with integrated alarm handling and presentation of online measurement data on alphanumeric or graphic form.

Some systems will also use automatic steering of vehicles based on satellite navigation such as GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO or BEIDOU, and have continuous reporting of vehicle position back to the control panel, often with automatic logging of positions to memory or harddrive and with presentation of position on a map in real time.

Panels are built according to customer demands. This may be everything from simple plastic enclosures with a few separate buttons or membrane panels to large, robuste panels in plastic or aluminium with integrated display, alarm sounder and a variety of actuators suitable for different tasks.

Suitable frequency bands are chosen based on the functionality needed such as response time and range, and based on limiting factors such as avaliable battery capacity, size and so on. There is also a choice bewteen using a license exempt or licensed band where the application has special demands on transmission power and response.

Regardless of your demand, Novatron may tailor the product you need based on existing modules that can easily be adapted to new ways of use. If necessary, we can easily make new interface modules with just the combination of connections that your project need. The technolog used is always chosen i cooperation with the customer based on weighting factors such as range, battery duration between recharge/replace, operational temperature, environmental protection classes, production series size and cost.

Reference projects


Remote control system designed for distributed control of searchlight on ships and other vessels. The modules shown are a new and improved version of the existing systems currently in use on seismic and rescue vessels.

The operator panel is designed for use on deck under all conditions and can be delivered with an attached carabiner for hooking onto safety harness. The panel har waterproof, embossed and elastioc membrane keys that gives a good tactile feeling under all tempeartures. The panel has integratde Light emitting diodes for night operation.

The receiver is a robuste fiberglass tube with protection IP67 and is designed for fitting on deck. The interfaces available are RS422, RS485, ethernet or PNP/NPN digital outputs. RS485 and ethernet are especially suited for controlling a group of searchlights connected through a bus or network. Versions with digital outputs are mainly designed for control of free standing searchlights or other similar equipment. The interface modules are selected through plug in modules for "ethernet + serial comm.", "12 channel PNP" or "12 channel NPN". Supply is 10-48VDC.

Regardless of wether one has free standing searhlights or bus/network-connected searchligts, the system allows for control of up to 6 searchlights from the same panel. An almost unlimited number of panels can share the control of the searchlighs. Control of the individual searchlights is allocated based on a "first come, first served" system. After a defined timeout after last operation, the searchlight is then released for other operators.

More information about the searchlight system on:

New panel for searchlights
New receiver


The remote control for demining vehicles have many sensors for rpm, level, voltage, pressure and temperature and with date returned to the operator in real time.

The "receiver" on the vehicle has in addition to communication also a command and supervision system for automatically controlling the dieselhydraulic propulsion system, as well as steering the vehicle and operating the demaining flail system. In addition there is s safety system with deadman button functionality. The control system may be equipped with GPS/GLONASS/GALILEO-based autosteering for autonomous operation.

The remote control system operates in a licensed UHF frequency band with an output power of approx 4W and has a range of many kilometers.

The remote control panel is designed for operation in hot desert areas and have special protection against ingress of fine dust that is stirred up during operation, something that is a problem with this kind of equipment operating in desert areas.

More information about the MineCat project on:

Operator panel for MineCat 140/230.